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Ahsoka Tano Fans Celebrate Halloween

A look at how Ahsoka Tano fans celebrated Halloween 2016. Or should that be "Tanoween"..?

Another Halloween has come and gone and, as always, Star Wars fans have celebrated it in style. Whether they carved pumpkins, decorated their homes, drew fan art, or dressed up for the occasion, fans have found fun (and often very creative) ways to pay homage to their favourite Star Wars characters.

Here’s a selection of Ahsoka Tano Halloween tributes I spotted on Twitter!

Let’s start off with some Tano-tastic pumpkin carvings…

Of course, what kind of Halloween would it be without costumes?

Rey may be a popular costume option this year but these dedicated Ahsoka Tano fans prove that there’s still plenty of room in this galaxy for our dear Snips.

And perhaps my absolute favourite costume this Halloween was this stunning human Ahsoka costume by Victoria Leigh.

Truly amazing…

Hope you all had a wonderful “Tanoween”! If you have any photos you’d like to share with us, please post links to them in the comments section below. :-)

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