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Ahsoka Tano Tags Along in ‘Unexpected Company’

Ahsoka's latest 'Forces of Destiny' outing provides 'Clone Wars' fans with the answers they're looking for

Ever since they heard Ahsoka’s final words in the season five finale ‘The Wrong Jedi’, Clone Wars fans have long suspected that the plucky Padawan knew about Anakin Skywalker’s clandestine relationship with senator Padmé Amidala. Ahsoka’s voice actress, Ashley Eckstein, has often claimed that her animated counterpart knew about the secret couple; Eckstein even came close to spilling the beans about this particular episode during her interview on The Star Wars Show back in June 2017.

So while the majority of us had a sneaking feeling that Snips knew far more than she was letting on, ‘Unexpected Company’ finally provided fans with an answer to the long-standing question, “How DID Ahsoka figure out that Anakin and Padmé were more than just friends?”.

Packed with delicious banter, adorable “Anidala” moments, female friendship, throwbacks to The Clone Wars, and some tantalizing visual nods to something seen in the Star Wars Rebels finale, ‘Unexpected Company’ is a delightful dose of prequel-era goodness and a heartwarming Clone Wars cast reunion to boot. And it looks like the animators have finally done something about Anakin’s fluorescent lips and missing scar. Thank the Maker…

‘Unexpected Company’ is just one of eight new episodes released as part of Forces of Destiny’s second season. If you’ve missed any of these, you can find all eight episodes over on Disney’s Youtube channel.

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