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‘The Clone Wars’ Fan Art Roundup – “The Phantom Apprentice”

Art inspired by the second episode in the Siege of Mandalore arc, "The Phantom Apprentice"

The Siege of Mandalore rages on. Former Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano and disgraced former Sith apprentice Maul butt heads and trade barbs as the end of the war draws near. “The Phantom Apprentice” is Star Wars at its most visceral and foreboding: fateful duels, jetpacks galore, ominous monologues, and impending sense of doom throughout. I’m sure nothing untoward will happen to our beloved heroes, right?

Emotions are running high this week and we still have another two heartbreaking episodes to go! Here are some of the incredible artworks inspired by “The Phantom Apprentice”.


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join or die

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Siege of Mandalore! More Clone Wars tomorrow!

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Credit: All of the artworks featured in this article are property of their respective artists. If your art has been published here against your wishes or has been incorrectly attributed, please let me know.

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