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Looking for some Star Wars goodies or Ahsoka Tano merchandise for yourself or a loved one?

Here’s a selection of great gifts that can be purchased via Amazon UK or via our Amazon USA web store!

Chopper goes shopping in Star Wars Rebels


Star Wars: Ahsoka by E.K. Johnston

Our favourite Togruta got her very own young adult novel in 2016! Penned by acclaimed YA writer E.K. Johnston, the novel delves into those lost years between the two TV series and reveals how Ahsoka went from being a disillusioned former Jedi to becoming one of the key figures in the fledgling Rebel Alliance.

The cover for 'Star Wars: Ahsoka'

The cover for ‘Star Wars: Ahsoka’

You can check out my review over here and you can order your copy of this best-selling novel over on Amazon or Amazon UK!


Ahsoka Tano Black Series 6-Inch Figure

This beautiful 6-inch action figure is in HUGE demand and tends to sell out very quickly but you may be able to find it on Amazon or Amazon UK for a decent price if you’re lucky and/or persistent.

Hasbro's Ahsoka Tano Black Series action figure

Hasbro’s Ahsoka Tano Black Series action figure

You can find some amazing photos of this action figure over here and a review by TheFwoosh over here.


Ahsoka Tano Black Series 3.75-Inch Figure

If you’re looking for a smaller figure of Clone Wars Ahsoka Tano, this 3.75-inch Hasbro action figure may be right up your alley!

Ahsoka Tano 3.75-inch figure

Ahsoka Tano 3.75-inch figure

Like her 6-inch counterpart, this figure may be hard to find in stores but you may be able to get hold of her on Amazon or Amazon UK.


Ahsoka Tano and Darth Vader Space Mission Pack

If you’re struggling to find the aforementioned Black Series figure but really want a Rebels Ahsoka figure to add to your collection, there’s always Hasbro’s Space Mission Pack.


Darth Vader & Ahsoka Tano dual pack

This pack includes 3.75-inch figures of Ahsoka Tano and her former master, Darth Vader, as well as a number of accessories and a projectile “for realistic battle”.

Get yours today on Amazon and Amazon UK!


Ahsoka Tano Funko Pop! Figure

It’s been a long time in the making but Ahsoka Tano finally has her very own Funko Pop! vinyl figure!

Ahsoka Tano Funko Pop! figure

The Ahsoka Funko Pop! figure

The first in a range of Star Wars Rebels Funko figures, Ahsoka is exclusive to Hot Topic and can be purchased in-store or via the Hot Topic website. You can also find her on Amazon and Amazon UK.

Note: Hot Topic *do* ship overseas but be warned: the shipping costs can be rather off-putting!


Star Wars: The Clone Wars (The Movie)

Introduce a friend to Ahsoka Tano or relive Anakin and Ahsoka’s first mission together by ordering a copy of the 2008 Clone Wars movie.


Where it all began…

Available to purchase on DVD and Blu-ray over on Amazon and Amazon UK. Please keep DVD regions in mind when purchasing your copy!


Star Wars: The Clone Wars (TV Series)

The entire series can be found on Netflix in some countries but if you’d rather have hard copies to add to your collection, you can find DVD and Blu-ray box sets of seasons one through five on Amazon and Amazon UK.


‘The Clone Wars’ DVD boxset

Please note that “The Lost Missions” (season six) was never officially released in the UK but can be purchased on Amazon or Amazon UK. Make sure you check the region details before placing your order!


Star Wars Rebels: Season 2 (TV Series)

Relive the action, adventure, and heartache of the second season of Star Wars Rebels by treating yourself to a copy of the BluRay!

Star Wars Rebels: Season 2 Blu-Ray

Star Wars Rebels season 2 Blu-Ray

Star Wars Rebels: The Complete Season 2 was released on August 30, 2016, and is available to purchase on Amazon and Amazon UK.


Star Wars: Dark Disciple by Christie Golden

A must-read for fans of the Clone Wars TV series. Dark Disciple is based on unproduced Clone Wars episodes and sees the former Sith apprentice turned bounty hunter Asajj Ventress join forces with the unconventional Jedi Knight Quinlan Vos in an ambitious attempt to assassinate Count Dooku and bring the war to a swift end.

Available to purchase on Amazon and Amazon UK.


Star Wars Rebels: Visual Guide: Epic Battles by Adam Bray

This visual guide by Adam Bray is the perfect companion guide to the first two seasons of Disney XD’s show Star Wars Rebels.

Packed with juicy trivia about the show’s characters, locations, and vehicles, this guide makes a great gift for the younger Star Wars fans in your life and is available to purchase on Amazon and Amazon UK.


If you’re still stuck for ideas, you can find even more Star Wars merchandise listed in our Amazon USA web store or on Amazon UK.

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