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While Team Ahsoka is very much a niche fansite, I’m always eager – sometimes too eager – to talk about other aspects of the Star Wars universe, whether it’s my thoughts on the prequels (I love them despite their flaws), my attitude towards fan theories (some are great, others less so), or what I think about those mysterious owl-like convorees from the animated series (I have no idea what they represent but I’d love a plush toy convor for my collection).

If you’d like to learn more about my thoughts on that galaxy far, far away, check out these interviews!


The Jedi Lounge: Interview with Kelly M (The Midi-Chlorian Center)

Thomas Storaï, editor of The Midi-Chlorian Center, interviewed me as part of his ongoing series of fan interviews. In this interview, I shared my thoughts on what Star Wars means to me, who I think Rey’s parents are, what I thought of Rogue One, and much more.


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If you’d like to interview me for your own blog or website, please get in touch!

I am currently unable to accept podcast invitations due to personal and professional reasons but I’m more than happy to fill out any interview forms you send me or answer any of your Star Wars-related questions via email or social media.

(Last updated: February 23, 2017)


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