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With so many websites, blogs, and podcasts devoted to that galaxy far, far away, figuring out which ones you should be following can be a kriffing nightmare. But help is at hand.

Here’s a selection of Star Wars sites and podcasts that get the Team Ahsoka stamp of approval!

Star Wars Fansites & Blogs

  • 365 Days of Star Wars Women Celebrating the women of Star Wars (Canon, Legends, crew, and fan community members).
  • Anakin and His Angel – News, articles, style inspiration, and everything Anakin & Padme Skywalker.
  • Clone Corridor Reflections on scenes and storylines in the Star Wars saga.
  • Eleven Thirty-Eight An ongoing journal of news and opinion dedicated to chronicling the state of the Star Wars franchise.
  • Everyday Fangirl Fandom and a celebration of fangirls, courtesy of “everyday fangirl” Patty Hammond.
  • Fantha Tracks Bringing the very best in international daily news, coverage from fellow websites and podcasts, and interviews with the talent behind the saga.
  • Future of the Force The future of Star Wars and pop culture writing.
  • Hound’s Tooth Star Wars speculation, news, and character appreciation by Bossk super-fan, Wesley van Wensen.
  • Radio Ryloth A London-based blog celebrating all things Star Wars through a feminist lens.
  • Raising a Rebel A place where Star Wars fans Dominic and Elisabeth chronicle their new adventure: raising a child through the prism of Star Wars.
  • Retrozap Home of ‘Power to the Prequels’ and other Star Wars goodness.
  • The Midi-Chlorian Center A celebration of the entire Star Wars saga, from the prequels to the sequels and everything in between.
  • The Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Society Celebrating the Star Wars prequels and the saga as a whole.
  • The Wookiee Gunner A must-follow site for fans of The Clone Wars, Rebels, The Freemaker Adventures, and Star Wars fashion.
  • Unmistakably Star Wars High quality, informative, and entertaining insights into the Star Wars galaxy.

Star Wars Podcasts

  • Brick City Blockade Podcast Network Positive and engaging discussion about that galaxy far, far away.
  • Coffee with Kenobi Examining and analyzing the Star Wars saga through critical thinking, discussion, analysis, and rhetoric.
  • Fangirls Going Rogue The first Star Wars podcast hosted exclusively by fangirls.
  • Force Material A weekly podcast series that delves into the secrets, stories, and source material of Star Wars.
  • Rebels ChatStar Wars Rebels discussion and analysis between mum and daughter team, Johnamarie and Maria.
  • The Cantina Cast An unbiased Star Wars podcast full of insightful opinions and fresh perspectives.

Star Wars News Sites

  • Blabba the Hutt Ireland’s premier source for Star Wars news and discussion.
  • Making Star Wars A network of enthusiasts following Star Wars news, products, and television shows.
  • TheForce.NetYour daily dose of Star Wars news, reviews, and speculation.

Star Wars Merchandise and Collectors Advice

  • Tatooine Times News, reviews, and information about Star Wars collectibles.
  • YakFace.Com Serving Star Wars collectors worldwide since 1997.

Geek Fashion

  • Her Universe The first merchandise line made exclusively for fangirls, founded by Ashley Eckstein (voice of Ahsoka Tano).
  • Hoth Couture A blog devoted to everyday cosplay and geek fashion, with a decidedly Star Wars-y bend.
  • The Kessel Runway Star Wars fashion news and reviews.
  • The Dorky Diva Star Wars news, cosplay tutorials, and other ways to channel your inner chic geek.

Cosplay and Costume

  • Poetry in Costume An insightful look at costume in Star Wars through the lens of a professional costumier.


(Last updated: April 6, 2018)


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